“I am the Product Manager for Galileo International's problem management system that was developed a decade ago. It has been critical that our current application support our constantly changing business environment. If it wasn't for Murray and James Consulting, Inc. filling the void of the critically needed technical skills, that may I add are not readily available in the market place, we would be unable to maintain the necessary level of customer support required for our technology company. The skills that they have provided can't be measured in everyday terms. It is refreshing to get the level of commitment and the timely results that they continually provide. It is a pleasure working with this professional team who understand and ensure our business applications can meet our users needs quickly.”

Joan McCarthy
Project Manager
Galileo by Travelport Inc.

“Murray & James Consulting, Inc. has been a valued partner of TransCore’s for many years through the deployment and on-going enhancements for the Harris County Toll Road Authority’s violation enforcement system in Houston, TX. It is evident that Murray & James takes personal pride in their work and they have a consistent focus on customer satisfaction. They definitely go above and beyond the call of duty and I would recommend them without hesitation to any organization needing IT consulting assistance.”

Tracy Marks
Vice President, Regional Manager

“As Development Manager for Cendant, I have enlisted the services of Murray & James Consulting, Inc. on several occasions. Most recently they have been working on enhancements to our Oracle based Network Management application. I have always found their consultants to be of the highest quality, which allows me to assign projects to them with confidence that the job will be done right and in a timely manner. I have also appreciated the breadth of skills that Murray & James can provide. We recently had a project which involved using MQ Series for messaging, I had nobody in-house knowledgeable in MQ, so I turned to Murray & James and they were able to help complete the project as well as assist my team in coming up to speed on the technology.

Working with many different consulting companies through the years, I have found Murray & James Consulting, Inc. to be a cut above the rest and I would not hesitate in recommending them to any IT manager needing consulting expertise.”

Bob Dilts
Development Manager

“We are incredibly pleased with the work you have done for us and I wanted to send a personal note of thank you for your excellent work. You have taken a graphic that we have been hand drawing for several years and made it into a quick and viable entity that we have now copyrighted and have registered as a trademark for Cognova Consulting Inc. This is a glorious day for us as you have allowed us time savings and accuracy that our customer's will really appreciate over time.

The development project you just finished for us is one essential component in "productizing" our work so that we have a hybrid business model now; one part is professional consulting and coaching services and another is selling product via internet access. We are very excited about our work and thank you for making a personal dream of mine come true.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and to let you know we will take every opportunity available to us to send you our own business and that of others we may have the ability to influence.”

Marie L. Loscavio
CEO & President
Cognova Consulting Inc.

“The skills that they have provided can't be measured in everyday terms. It is refreshing to get the level of commitment and the timely results that they continually provide.”